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1. Initial Consultation

Gauging your budget is achievable for the type of home you are wanting and looking over your site (or intended site) for overall design and getting a feel for costs involved.

Go over our major points of difference with design and transparency in all costing.

2. Concept Plan Design

Sitting down with our Designers and get all the information, your wants, and your needs out of your head, blending it with some of ours and getting it all down on paper so we can then create a floor plan, elevations and 3D renders placed on your site for your review.

Within 8 days we complete the Concept and then go over it with you and make any changes and amendments you desire all the while ensuring we stay within your allocated budget.

Our Concept plans allow you to see what your actual home will look like in real life before even costing drawings are done.

Once all changes and fine tuning is complete and we know we are within budget we produce full costing drawings.

3. Costing

While the costing drawings are being completed, we sit down with you and go over the entire spec of your home and show you all the options to choose from, from front door types, bathroom products, flooring selection right down to toilet roll holders.

There is not such thing as a “standard spec” as everyone has different taste. This is where we spend the extra time to price your home EXACTLY to the spec you choose. Care factor right from the start ensures there are ZERO hidden costs and ensures an easy happy build.

Once we have your home costed we do something that NO ONE in the industry does, we go over the cost file which we disclose to you so you can see where every dollar is spent and gives you the ability to drive you own price. This gives you the piece of mind that absolutely everything is perfect and exact. We are totally transparent with all costing.

4. Contract Signing

Once we have a complete fixed price we go to contract and apply for Building Consent, from there our colour consultants and joinery designers go through all the best colour options and joinery options with you to ensure you have the cutting edge latest fashion.

5. Construction

Once permit is issued we target an immediate start, firstly you have a full pre construction meeting with our Construction Director to go through the build step by step.

During the build you are fully informed on all progress and we are available at any time to discuss anything. Our primary goal is to ensure that the build is an enjoyable stress free process and this is achieved by total transparency, something we pride ourselves on.  

6. Move in day

"We built our home with Onyx in 2020 – now this wasn't any ordinary home.

We wanted to future-proof and do things differently. We hadn't built before, but we knew exactly what it looked like. We didn't want the run of the mill, and nothing about us fits in any box. 

We had TC3 land, and then we had to throw in a Pool, Geo-Thermal underfloor, Solar, and two artesian wells.  And this house has more tiles than any house they had ever built.  This was by far the best build, and we would do it again in a heartbeat! Even though a covid lockdown! 

The house that Onyx delivered us, is our forever home and is perfect! But for us, it's not just about the end result. It was about the process, and they nailed it!  If we were to build again in the future, they know without a doubt where we would go. 

Thank you for everything and being who you are!"

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